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Mobile Casino BonusChoosing the Right Casino

In the competitive world of gambling it is very difficult for online casinos to attract new customers as well as maintain them. Real casinos have a much better chance at maintaining these high levels of clientele because of the ambiance that the environment brings. This factor is what made land based casinos much more appealing then the screen of a monitor.

In order to compete with these large casino establishments’ online casinos have been implementing tactics that draw more players to their sites and maintain them for a longer period of time. Similar to free drinks, free Broadway show tickets or free hotel rooms, that actual casinos offer to their clients, online casinos, in order to stay competitive, have also offered free things in the form of bonuses, prizes and money.

Many of these bonuses have been in the thousands of dollars, which is a higher value then what land-based casinos have been offering their clients. This new edge has put online casinos on the map. Choosing the right casino is important. Understanding what the different bonuses are can determine what only casino a player frequents.

Online casinos are giving away free money in the form of bonuses. These bonuses can be acquired in two different ways, deposited, where money has to be added to a players online account in order to receive the bonus and non-deposited, where the bonus can be received without a single deposit.


Deposit BonusThe first type of bonus is a deposit bonus. This is where the online casino adds funds to the players online casino account either on a one-time basis or a regular basis. These deposits happen at sign up or throughout the time the individual is playing. The deposit bonus assumes many forms. One of which is the Welcome or sign up bonus.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome BonusThe Welcome or the signup bonus is when funds are added to a player online casino account for the first time. This bonus is usually the largest bonus online casinos offer. Many are upwards of a thousand dollars. The funds, which are added after the first deposit, will either be a fixed amount or a percentage of the amount the player has deposited. This allows the funds to be readily available to them before they even make their first wager.

These funds have two ways to be dispersed. One is delivered in a lump sum, at which the bonus is delivered all at one. The other is given in installments that get delivered over time. Dispersion over time usually equates to a larger overall sum verses a lump sum.

Match Bonus

Match Casino BonusOne of the most common deposit bonuses that casinos offer is a match bonus. This is when a casino deposits the same amount of money to an individuals bankroll as they did. Match bonuses can happen periodically, every time funds are added into their casino account, or only once after the signup process.

For example if someone were to deposit $200 AUD or NZD into a casino account at a 100% match the casino would give them $200 AUD or NZD in additional funds bringing their bankroll to a total of $400 AUD or NZD. But be cautions this bonus is usually up to a certain amount and the percentages may vary.

As a reminder, for an individual to be eligible for a match bonus there is typically a minimum deposit required as well a maximum amount a casino is willing to match. Many times the requirement is low but other times they can be quite high. Players must make sure they are aware of the requirements and restrictions before adding money.

Monthly / Weekly Bonuses

Weekly BonusAnother bonus that an online casino player can take advantage of, similar to the match bonus, is Monthly/Weekly bonuses. This bonus, as the name states, is on a monthly or weekly basis. The concept is simple the casino will give a player a fixed amount or a percentage of a deposited amount when they regularly add funds to their account. Remember it must be on a regular basis in order to be eligible. Not all casinos offer this incentive and some restrictions limit the amount of monthly or weekly bonus that can be received, so it’s always important to understand a bonus before accepting it.

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty BonusMany casino sites offer their members lucrative incentives. Typically upon signing up, members are automatically entered into a point-based system that can be turned in and redeemed for rewards. These rewards range from promotional offers, prizes to cash bonuses. Over time individuals can gain higher ranks in this system based on how much they play and or how much money they have added, and continue to add to their account. This ladder like system allows for individuals to improve their rewards without the hassle of doing more than just playing. Once higher levels are reached the bonuses become much better.

VIP bonus

VIP BonusSimilar to the loyalty bonus, the VIP bonus rewards players for their commitment. But the VIP bonus is much more rewarding and harder to earn, for the simple fact that there are many factors that determine VIP status. Just like the loyalty bonus the amount of time spent with and on the online casino site is important, because it shows loyalty. Other factors consist of how long players spend playing games, the types of games they play and the amount of money they deposit and withdraw from their account. After careful consideration and the processing of this information the online casino will grant that individual VIP status. Once an individual is granted VIP status the rewards he receives are far greater than any other reward.


No Deposit BonusThe second type of bonus is a non-deposit bonus. This is where the online casino adds funds to the players online casino account either on a one-time basis. With the addition of these funds more prior funds are needed in order to receive them. But the catch is not all non-deposited funds can be cashed.

No deposit Bonus

No Deposit BonusThis incentive is offered to players long before they put money into their online casino accounts. The no deposit bonus can be a tricky. One of the reasons why, is many people believe that the casino is giving out free money that they can cash out, but it doesn’t work like that. The idea of this bonus is to allow users to play the games for free by testing them out. Thought actual money is deposited in their account, in most cases the players are not allowed to withdraw the funds or the funds they get from winning while playing the games.

Refer a friend

Refer a Friend BonusThis is a reward-based system that gives the members a fixed sum for each friend they refer that signs up and funds their online casino account. The funds can range from a little to a lot. Some online casino’s improve the refer a friend bonus buy increasing the incentive for ever friend a player has who funds their account. This type of bonus is different than deposited based bonus where the player has to make a deposit in order to get funds added.

Cash back bonus

Cash back bonusOne of the better bonuses that casinos offer is the cash back bonus. This bonus is useful if a player has lost money in a game and depending on what cash back bonus plan they have they can receive a certain percentage back allowing there lost money to be partially returned.

For example if a player is playing the slot games and lost $100 AUD or NZD and were signed up for a 30% cash back bonus they would receive $30 AU or NZD back into their account.

Cash back can only be redeemed on loses not gains. The amount of cash back varies depending on the percentage. If a player is winning at a game they cannot receive a cash back bonus on it. Be wary that some online casinos will not allow cash back for some games or will limit the amount of cash back received

The Mobile Casino Bonus

The Mobile Casino BonusAlthough the bonus reward system seems to help there are limitations to them all. Its important to understand not all bonuses are clear and concise.

Whenever it comes to online gambling all players must be aware of all the rules and regulations. Reading the fine print in the sign up process can make or break the banks of players who weren’t aware of the restrictions. Players are always urged to read the Terms and Conditions of any online casino site before they make a decision on where to play and how to play.

After finding an online casino site, individuals must figure out the type of risk they are willing to take. If the approach is to win players should look for bonuses that are more aggressive and deposit based. That way they can have more money to work their way up the ranks and receive bigger and better prizes.

Alternatively players who just want to play for fun can use the non-deposit base bonuses. This way they don’t have to put their own money on the line and enjoy the fun of online casinos.